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What is Showcuts?

Showcuts is a web app that displays Siri Shortcuts. It aims to mimic the iOS display of Shortcuts.

Why did you make Showcuts?

Shortcuts has attracted a few web communities (MacStories and r/Shortcuts, to name two).

However, Shortcuts are iOS based, so they can be hard to discuss online. As a web-native Shortcut viewer, Showcuts aims to foster Shortcuts discussion and communities.

How are Shortcuts shared?

The easiest way is to copy the Showcuts URL, or use the screenshot button.

You can post the link to Reddit or Twitter using the side menu, if you prefer!

To keep users on your site, you can embed the viewer like so.

What does Apple think of this?

They are not aware of this project, as far as I know.

To make my viewer as close as possible to iOS, I use a lot of Apple assets, including (but not limited to):

As a high school student, I have no idea if that is OK (I Am Not A Lawyer)!


今日は! Showcuts was developed by MiGi (that's me!) in December 2019 to kill time before entering college.

I like Apple products and love Shortcuts, so Showcuts was a natural passion project! It's built on Python & Django.

I'll do my best to maintain Showcuts, but I don't think I could (legally) take money for it, so justifying the time will be hard.

If you like the service... I'm glad! If you'd like, you can reach out to me on Reddit.